І курс. Англійська мова. ЖГ, ГД, ДС

Буренко В.  11клас . Англ мова  – ст.105 – 136

Англійська мова

Ікурс  ГД,ДС,ЖГ – Communicative Technologies  in my life ( твір )


Communication Technologies

  1. You can use … to store, process and display data.

а) Windows б) computer  в) the Internet г) social network

  1. You can find … inside other machines such as fridges and cars.

а) laptop б) subnotebook  в) embedded computer г) palmtop

  1. Hardware means …

а) physical components of the system б) mental components of the system

в) theprogrammes you can use with the help  of a computer  г) websites you use

  1. The ways of using a computer are …

а) quite limited. б) dangerous.  в) safe. г) infinite.

  1. Personal use of computer means …

а) you can make contacts and keep in touch with people all over the world.

б) you can work and earn money online.

в) you can create blogs and teach people how   to do smth.

г) you can study online, do tests, receive   certificates.

  1. Computer literate person is someone who …

а) can read literature in the Internet. б) knows how to use an e-book.

в) can create literary translations of foreign  texts.  г) has computer skills.

  1. A symbol that appears on display screen that user can move to select objects and commands, is…

а) cursor б) icon  в) menus г) mouse

  1. To take a file from another location, e.g. a web server, and save it on a computer means…

а) to log in. б) to post a message.в) to download a file. г) to upload a file.

  1. What are the dangers of the Internet?

а) cyber bulling, cyber criminals, fake  information, etc.

б) boring movies, too many online games,  social networks, etc.

в) social networks, media trash, political news, etc.

г) online shopping, booking tickets, online banking, etc.

  1. What social network is the largest in the world and was created in 2004?

а) Facebook б) Twitter    в) VK г) Instagram

  1. He is rather young, but he is in the first five of Forbes list, because he is a very successful .American programmer and inventor in the field of Internet technologies.

а) Bill Gates б) Steve Jobs    в) Mark Zuckerbergг) Elon Musk

  1. What was the first mobile telephone?а) Samsung б) Motorola в) Nokia г) LG


Grade 1                                                                        

 Topic : Communicative Technologies in Studing.

              Activity 1.    Pre-reading task.

  1. Name the greatest ( for your opinion ) inventions of the mankind.
  2. Which are the most important for you?
  3. The use of IT in studing.( short essay )**

Activity 2.     Reading :     Issak Asimov “The fun they had “

  1. What do you know about Issak Asimov ?
  2. Find out some information about him. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Isaac-Asimov
  3. Read the story.
  4. Watch the video –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giKCXAFWwB0 “  The fun they had»
  5. Give a brief summary of the text. ( 10-12 sent. ) **

Write out of the text the most important sentences *

  1. Write 8-10 questions to the text. **
  2. Rewrite the story:
  3. As if you were Tommy.**
  4. As if you were Margie.**
  5. Get ready to discuss:



        ІІ  Grammar :    used to…

       Зворот used to вживається для повідомлення про дії або стани, які постійно повторювалися в минулому, особливо для контрастування із ситуаціями, які спостерігаються у теперішньому часі. У зв’язку з цим можуть вживатися відповідні слова та словосполучення: now, no longer, no more:

Television used to be exotic in the 1940s. Now it’s a common thing.

В 40-х роках телебачення було екзотичним явищем. Наразі ж ним нікого не здивуєш.

Jane used to live in London, but she no longer lives there.

Певний час Джейн мешкала у Лондоні, але зараз вона там вже не живе.

Pele used to play football, but he doesn’t any more.

Свого часу Пеле грав у футбол, але зараз вже не грає.

В питальних та заперечних структурах з used to використовується оператор «did».

Did Jane use to live there? – Джейн жила в Лондоні?

(Невірно: Did Jane used to live there?)

She didn’t use to play football – Вона зроду в футбола не грала

(Невірно: She didn’t used to play football)

Асtivity 1.

Write  about your parents “ young years.

  • What they used to eat / to wear/ to do in their free time/….

Activity 2. Complete the story “ When I was a child I used to …

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